Why won't my parent's give me money :( ?

Okay I really don't want to come off as spoiled, but I know most of you will think of me that way cause I'm asking this question. But look I'll explain a little,

Im fourteen, and its summer. My dad promised he would give like money to spend on the summer,

but now when it is summer he hasn't even said anything about it. And I don't want to beg for money, but I do because I can't get a job I've looked everywhere. And they say I have to be 16 or 15. I dont live in america I live in Sweden so they are strict

Well and they won't give me any money at all, and it's getting on my nerves since all my friends will be getting around 300dollars summer money, and more when that money is over. it's so unfair.

And I know it's not cause my dad is like in a bad spot, well he kinda is, but he isn't like.. poor?

That's a horrible word but i dont know how to put it. I saw once (IT WAS BY ACCIDENT ) his pay check, and it was around 7-8 thousand, and i dont really know if thats like alot but it seems like it,

so i dont know why he won't give me money :/

I know tell me im spoiled ungrateful and blabla but my parrents tell me that daily so

it dont matter xD but im not. i promise. i can come off as needy but im a TEENAGEER.


Maybe your father has to pay a lot of money to other people for debts and other expenses. And there isn't much money left over, after he pays for everything every month.

A lot of people have borrowed too much money from banks to buy houses, cars, and other things. And now they don't have enough income to repay their debts.

But sometimes parents also don't trust their kids to spend money well. You can buy things that can hurt you in some way such as cigarettes, alcohol, and drugs. Or you can buy clothes and make-up and dress in a way that your parents don't approve of.

You should ask your dad about the money. Perhaps he has changed his mind about giving you the money. But at least you will know the reason why.


okay I know you said you weren't spoinled but this question is a little bratty. I have never just 'been given' money. I babysit and save up any birthday or christmas money to spend with my friends during the summer. And if i am in need I ask my parents if they need any chores done around the house. Try that. (I am turning 14 next month btw)


Talk to your parents and ask them if there are extra chores around the house that you could do to earn a little money. Its not like you are getting nothing, after all they are feeding, clothing and housing you and they probably think you do not contribute enough to the family to warrant a summer allowance.


Get a job