My mom died about 9 or 10 months ago, and I love her SO much?

She was the perfect woman, and mom. I was adopted and am loved so much. I can't believe that she isn't here anymore. Whenever I see a daughter and a mother laughing and having fun, I feel so left out. On Mother's Day I wanted to run away lay down and cry. I miss how she used to hold me and sing to me. She used to make me feel so good when I was sad. She was and still and always will be my best friend and role model. I know it's been a long time, but I still can't get over it. I cry a lot when I think about her. I need something to help me feel better, and I'm not going to let her go...ever. I'm also starting to forget what her voice sounded like.


My mom died about a year ago. I have some of the same feelings as you. Its hard to see other girls with their mothers. I miss my mom holding me and I miss her voice and am afraid I will forget it.

There is not a specific amount of time in which you should "get over it". Like I said its been a year for me and I am definitely not over it yet.

Its really hard for me to talk about things but it really does help to talk to someone.

If you want to talk send me a message sometime. I'd love to talk to you!

Its not easier but it will eventually get a little easier.


Losing someone you care about is hard and never easy, even if you can't stop thinking about your mom try and appreciate what your adopted mother is doing for you. i think you might be afraid that by letting go of you're mom you are forgetting her, you can still let go and move on but still love your mother. Would she want you to spend all this time feeling sad about her? Don't forget how much you love and look up to you're mom, but also don't discount what others are trying to do for you. Try talking to your adopted mom about these feelings. Even though your mother is gone she will still be looking out for you, she'll love you forever; remember that moving on is not forgetting about her, or no longer loving her. Best of luck, *hug* Maddie.


I'm so sorry. I know that can't possibly help when you've lost someone that meant the world to you. If you have any videos of her, watch them so that you can hear her voice again. I'm a bit confused, though- was she your adoptive mother or were you adopted because she died? If she was your adoptive mother, your family is going through a horrible time as well. If you need to, grieve together. If you were adopted because she died, still go to your family. They took you in, so they will support you and help you get through this. Stay strong <3


AWW! WHy not talk to you dad about it.. ASk him to remarry... Or maybe you can ask your dad to put you in sports or something to get her off your mind...