My aunt wants to have an affair with me what do i do?

im at my cousins house for the summer but he has summer school and my uncle is at work so its just me and her for like half the day and today i was in the living room watching tv and she sat next to me and she just stared flirting out of no where and kept looking at my dick and said if i thought she was pretty and i was like idk than she started touching me and said that shes going to buy some condoms so we can have some fun tommorrow wat do i do?


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do it becauce itd be fun like do it for the hell of it if my aunt wanted too id bang her but only if she was sadly mine arent so idk dude.but go for it!tap that *** nigie


Dont do it! Its incest


Wow, no way! That's really terrible of her to even try to get you to have an affair. What an uncomfortable situation for you! I would immediately tell an adult whom I trust, whether that be your parents, your uncle, or a family friend. However, do not just keep this a secret. She needs to be reported some how so she can't do this to another child.

Don't do it, whatever you do.


If you are seriously considering having sex with your aunt then you need psychological help! Ignore the people who said go for it. Its sick! You need to leave there now before you engage in inbred behavior!


tell ur uncle. and if he doesnt believe u, try to get video or sound recording of her doing tht ahead of time. tht is just wrong and u should really tell him.


you are lucky i would go for it.


No No No!

Don't do it, it'll make seeing her and your whole family so awkward.

PLUS, If the condom breaks, your little cousin could be your son or daughter.

You definitely don't want that.


Well one if shes touching you in private places , then you've been molested. Tell her that things have been wierd and you are not comfortable with that. Tell someone that u really trust in your family . Tell them you dont feel safe in that house with her and next time if she tries anything stand up to her and tell her that she is molesting you. and that she is taking things too far remind her that you are related to her and threat to tell someone . If things get really bad i suggest you call 911 because you could end up getting raped or hurt ( not to scare you , its a possibility )

Good Luck.! Hope i Helped : )