My brother is a pain in the neck?

he doesn't let me see any movie without him checking it first and i am just so pissed off and i am 13 and he said no to a lot and he only lets me see disney movies without checking them he said no to :the ugly truth-orphan-ghosts of girlfriends past-julia and julie i told him a 1000 times that I am not ok with this but he doesn't care he says he has too i can't wait and i can't take it anymore what should i do?


Julie and Juliet?

The Ghost of Girlfriends Past?

They're normal movies....?

(Ugly Truth and Orphan I can understand)

You should print off what they're about and their ratings including why they're rated that way.

Then show him.

If he still insists on limiting you, did you consider turning the tables and ask him wtf he watched when he was your age? Why is he allowed to control you anyway?

Tell him that if you want to see a movie you should be allowed, especially considering you hear worse words at school and on the internet than what those people are allowed to put in a movie like Ghosts of Girlfriends Past and Julie and Julia..

Good Luck, and tell him that he's being way too unreasonable considering he's your brother. He's supposed to help you get away with stuff, (;


Hey, I have 3 pain in the neck brothers....


He doesn't want you to watch movies that are a bad influence. He LOVES you, remember that family is there for each other. It may not seem fair now but later someday you will thank him:)


Did your parents give him the authority to censor what movies you watch? How old is he? I think you need to discuss this with your parents. Does he even know what the movies you mentioned are about?

This is not fair. Tell your Mom.


hes saying it for ur own good..its not like he does it to piss u off..he cares about u and only lets u watch movies dat are suitable for ur age


Tell him to chill out. Also, you can watch free movies at:

No one monitors what you watch on there. Just clear your browsing history afterward!


then don't watch them, you're too young.


kick him in the balls and make him ur sister. then he will want to see twilight with u!