Why is it that I get jealous that my cousins are more attractive than me?

I am a guy and I am 16 and lately whenever I see my cousins on family reunions and stuff I get relay jealous that my cousins are much more attractive than I am. They look more prettier than me and each time I go and see them I stay the same I also think that they are smarter than I am and I think that I am dumber than they are. I also think that they can do things better than I can and I am just the same each year they see me I also want to change my appearance each time they see me so that I could be better looking.

I was wondering how can I appear more attractive each time?


The ugliest people get all of the attention sometimes because of one reason: CONFIDENCE. Your lack of confidence shows. Get some. Walk with your head up when you enter a room. Act like you're the sh** even if you don't think you are. Fake it till you make it.


You've got yourself some self esteem issues, boy. I'm sure you're fine the way you are, and like the guy before me said, guys aren't really supposed to be "pretty".


dude guys aren't supposed to be "prettier"