Why is she blaming my friend for it?

I have mental health problems. i have been told it could be something form bipolar to borderline personality disorder. i have not yet seen my psychiatrist but im on the list to. my mum seems to think one of my friends makes my moods worse but this friend doesn't even have any effect on my moods i just seem to hang around with her when my moods hit the worst. any advice? thanks :)


your mother is probably worried about you. even though it might not be your friends fault your mother may feel that she needs to protect you from people that could hurt you, such as friends. if this is upsetting you badly, next time your mother says it just tell the truth. you'll feel so much better.


Mother's always have someone to blame and they'll always be one of your friends that she won't like. She probably just doesn't like the look or personality of this particular friend and is not very trusting. Talk to her about it, I'm sure she'll understand if you just tell her.