Is what my dad making me do right.....?

sooo...basically my dad is making me cook for myself [which iDont think is a bad idea],,hes making me go grocery shopping by myself and buy my own food and learn how to cook on my own.

btw, im only 13yrs old.

now, ihave to do EVERYTHING by myself and for myself.

like i have to go and get my own groceries.....with my own money

learn to cook by myself....

if i were a few years older, i wouldnt mind but this...this to me

is kind of a big responsibility.....or whatever the word is.

imean yes ill cook for myself which i always do....

but buying my own groceries with my own money....?uhhmmm...?!?

idont work [too young] and i help pay some bills with my money


and i have to buy my own clothes [my own money...]

well...technically my 'mother's" money

is this a little too much for my age?


Child support is money to be used to support a child, that means paying for the bills that keep the house they live in, feeding them, buying them clothes etc. Your dad is teaching you responsibility.

It might seem like a little more than you can handle at the moment, but in the long run, you'll thank him for it. Seriously, he's helping you out in a BIG way-- he's teaching you the value of money before you make money of your own, because the money you're talking about isn't yours, its the child support your mother pays to help raise you, and that's what your dad is doing with it.

The lessons you are learning now can save you from a lot of debt and mistakes when you're older-- I wish someone had helped me to learn the value of money that early.


sorry, hon, but child support is just that, support; being a father is also supplying support, just that, support; you should NOT be the main person for these chores; HE should be, & maybe teaching you along the way, & supporting you along the way; your father DOES sound like a deadbeat...all the way around; even if you are living in this house when you are 25, HE should still be the main person controling the house, & you have 'chores'; but what he's having you do is play housemaid, wife, whatever, so that he could sit on his butt & order people around; this is too much for a 13y/o to handle; you should NOT be handling your mother's child support money in any way; you are not an adult, nor should you be expected to behave like one; you truly need to go back with mom; IF that is unacceptable, contat your other family members; this man is taking advantage of you; again, I can see teaching you how to cook, you helping with the shopping, doing specific chores around the house..but he's effortlessly sitting on his a**, & NOT being a father to a's simply not right...


Your father souynds like a deadbeat that just wants his $ for himself. Maybe u should try living with ur mom so HE has to pay child support?! You shouldn't have to be worrying about $ at 13 -he should be taking care of everything for u while ur in school.


I've been doing that for years and I'm 14.


yes i think so.. Maybe if you were given money it might be a bit different id have a talk to your dad about it and if that doesnt work than talk to your mum or another trusted adult.


Doing it by yourself is to much, but having your dad or whoever with you be there with you buying the things is okay because thats wat child support is for, to support you with food, shelter, health, and other stuff like electricity (bills) hpe i helpd!