I think my dad likes my brother more than me?

I don't think my dad likes my that much. For him, my little brother ALWAYS has to come first. For example, when it was my little brother's birthday, my dad bought him this LEGO thing that he wanted, and for my birthday, he didn't get me anything. And like when we come back from school, he talks to my brother about how his day was and what he did and when I tell him about my day or something like that, he says he's too busy to listen. He doesn't even know me; what I like, about my friends, nothing. I feel totally left out, because all my friends are known as "Daddy's Girls", and their dad always does great things for them. I don't think he likes me. I don't know why- I never did anything wrong...

I'm 13(and a half) if it helps, and my brother's 9.


Hi , Girl don't get sad because you don't get attention from your dad. By the way how is you mother , doesn't she treat you the same. You see some people have the same problem like you . But don't jump into a conclusion that your dad love your brother most. You see you are now 13 and you know and understand better than your brother. Well , let not weight how much you dad love you or your brother . And don't make a different relationship between you and your brother just because your dad love your brother most. Your brother have nothing to do with this and he need a good sister like you.Love yourself and make full use of your life . Forgive you dad for what he have done and continue to still love your dad as much as you can because he is still your dad . You don't need to have any reason to do that . Doesn't matter how much you dad love you and i think is ok about it and go ahead with your life . Go ahead to study hard in school because your future really depend on it.God love you.


I have a relationship like this with my mother; we are like strangers that live in the same house. I never did anything, but she has a closer bond with my older sister. In this case, it might be gender. Me and my father aren't that close either; and my dad doesn't buy me anything either. I am twelve and I also feel left out. I know this is going to be hard, but try having a talk with him. If he doesn't, just stop talking to him. When he tries to talk to you, explain to him that that's how you feel. If he doesn't try to talk to you, he's a terrible father and forget him. It's normal for an unsteady relationship with your parents in your teens. Hope this helped! [:


parents do never distingue a child from another so do not think like that it will create a problem


I suggest you read a book called East of Eden. It will help you with your little predicament.


Maybe he's the youngest and mostly parents love the youngest. Or maybe he thinks that you're growing up and didn't need that attention anymore. But I'm sure he loves you too. :)

I'm the youngest daughter and when I was 6 years old, my dad and I hang out a lot. But now I'm 15 years old and I guess he wanted to give me some space growing up and starting to feel independent. But I know he loves me.