What happens if you lie?

My mom said that i couldn't where short sleeves to school because it is to cold and i did anyways. i'm mad at myself for doing it and when i got home i changed into long sleeves and my younger brother had seen me later that day and told on me. i lied and said that he was lying and he got in trouble. now i feel bad so should i tell my parents or not? what happens if i dont because i lied? please help!


just forget about it.

- it teaches your brother to not be a teller.

- It shows you/your mom you didnt get sick.

- It also teaches you a lesson that lying is not good.

move on.


dont tell them. its not like its a big deal. just listen next time


if you lie, you die. that's why it rhymes.


lying is very stressful.

it forces your brain to have to juggle 2 different scenarios--the real, and the made up. it causes fear and guilt.

compulsive liars can lose touch with reality, and lose their personality in the web of tales they tell.

it's a bad habit. the truth is much easier to deal with.