My whole family died in a car wreck, I need advice.?

I'm freaking out. I don't know what to do. I just got the news two hours ago. I'm freaking out. I have no one to call. I have nowhere to go.

Please someone who has dealt with loss, tell me what to do. I can't move.


thats all you can still, make sure you have a routine, get up and do your normal things to maintain your health, nothing else matters and nothing else will matter until the healing process starts

you will feel hurt and angry, depressed, angry again and above all you will cry your heart out very soon. don't let this effect your health

you need to eat something small and drink a ton of sugary soda it helps trust me

if you feel like you cant cope you need to get to the doctor and get some meds right now!

family friends are who you turn to now and other relatives, lean on these people and you will get through this. you are not alone!

you need to call your family while you still are sane enough and get someone on an airplane, they will want to be with you at this time




first i am so srry and second do you have any relatives call them they will know wat to do. and just stay calm.


ugh... go to the doctor and tell them you NEED xanax or valium, and tell them what just happened. they will prescribe it for Post-traumatic stress/ anxiety. It WILL make you feel soooo much better, but DON'T get addicted.