I Saw my dad get a boneeeer when he looked at my older SISTER!?

Is there something mentally wrong with him? She was in a swim suit. And after i saw he rushed into his room. I think he masturbated yuck!


YES YES YES! Although your dad is a man and men have hard times controlling themselves, it still was very inappropriate for him to have thoughts like that. If that was his daughter he should've had the same thoughts as if he was looking at his grandmother in a swim suit... not his wife. Sometimes, situations like that can escalate to him reacting to his ***** (god forbid). And I can also see how this could be a difficult situation for you, depending on how close you are with your family: it may be hard to tell your sister because she might tell you that you're wrong, and it may be hard to tell your mother because she'll end up confronting your father and it might make you feel uncomfortable. Just tell your sister to be a little careful about what she wears around the house, and you be careful as well. Good luck but your father is probably a great person, he may have just made a little mistake but don't hate him for it... unless this continues to happen and if it does please let someone know.


he is sick ! sorry to say it like this


Something wrong there..!.... Guess he needs to control his thoughts soon.. .. Can't control his urges.. that's horrible to imagine.. gross.


i think that is nasty. there COULD be something mentally wrong. or maybe he is just, like perverted or something. not saying anything bad


sounds like you have a sick perverted sicko on your hands...tell you're mum ASAP of what you saw if you don't something might happen that you will regret .....something bad....if not tell a teacher and maybe they can give you a number you can call for counselling ..hope this helps take care of yourself and each other : )