I feel so I wrong for feeling this way?

Boyfriend set his Facebook status saying he missed the college life(he had to leave the college back in mid December because he couldn't afford another semester).One of his friends from college a female commented on his status and this is their conversation.

Status:Missing the college life:

HER.missing you!

HIM.i figured you would so you get that tatoo yet

HER. haha oh yeah...the ink is just from a pen so it doesnt really count lol

HIM. lol so how you been

HER.pretty good. this semester has been pretty tough so far and its only the 3rd week of classes. weather is cold-ish but im not complaining too much cuz its negative degrees back at home lol. im working at the SLC now so that takes up some time but i love the ppl i work with so its okay. hbu? what you been up to?

HIM. i've been good its been good seeing all my old friends but i miss baylor and i know it must be boring with out me there lol

HER. haha you have no idea!

HIM. lol i come visit so you can have some fun lol


HIM.ya you can match me cups lol at least you would know you would have a fun night lol

am I just over analyzing this should I just let it be? Any opinions? also..

what does he mean match cups?


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Honestly I think I would have flipped out over this if it had been my boyfriend. It's very easy to over think things and i think all girls do it lol. But it is probably just a friend of his, and I would talk to my guy friends in this way I think, but if it is really bothering you then just ask him about it and hopefully he can settle your mind about it.

If it makes you feel any better, I used to turn into a miserable wreck every time I saw my boyfriend 'like' another girls photo or status. We all do it :) but I'm sure it's nothing harmful otherwise he wouldn't have displayed it publically on facebook.


You guys have to have an open and honest relationship with eachother.. He's obvioussly putting you in an uncomfortable position with this girl..

You can't assume anything , from more than what this conversation says.... I would just confront him telling him that you don't appreciate the flirtyness in there conversation. and why she is she saying that she misses him, and that he wants to go visit her...

That's enough right there to be upset about...

I wouldnt accuse him of anything that your not 100% sure of.

You just need to tell him that what he's doing doesn't make you feel comfortable... if something like this is going to happen again in the future, or with this particular girl, then you have to ask yourself if you really want to be with someone who makes you feel like that.


Well of course you are jealous/mad, your a girl! but in all seriousness, you are stuck here. He will be mad if you confront him but if you dont, knowing you are a girl, it will probably eat you up from the inside out. So let him think you are crazy by confronting him, at least he knows two things;

1. you care

2. you will not let him get away with that

3. he will not talk to her on his homepage anymore, maybe through message or text message

4. that anytime he talks to a girl you will analyze him to death, and wonder if he is cheating

tough situation you are in ... i suggest telling him your mad but do it in a way where you look really sad and give him the "guilty" treatment. But let him know you are ok with him talking to other girls...


Match cups= keep up drinking? I wouldn't feel comfortable with this, and that's normal. They could just be friends. If he goes, ask if you can go with.


they gonna smash : )


hahaha he is cheating on you and its funny


just ask him


A bit wrong to post someone's status on here...