Serious question, just confused on how to approach my mum and dad?

I am 19 years old and I met this man. He is really great. We have so much fun together. We surf and rock climb and have loads of fun together. The problem is How I met him. He is a best friend of my dad's. We did not mean for it to happen. A year ago I met another guy and I moved to Sydney with him. The guy was a ****. I called him because I did not want to call my parents because they knew that would happen. He made it a priority to bring me back to my parents because I wanted to go home. We became close after that. He helped me in alot of way. He did have issues with us getting together at first for obvious reasons. He is 37 years old but he does not just want sex from me and I am sure of this. Our relationship has become serious and we need to tell my parents. Is this wrong and do I have anything to worry about. Should I tell my parents with him there or by myself?


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Well Lilybug, you're 19 now, so it's not like you're a child anymore. Now that you're old enough to fend for yourself you have to make your own opinions on life so you can make your own mistakes, it's not what mommie and daddie think anymore. If you think this guy is really with you for who you are and not with you just for sex or your age, then go for it. Although you're entering a relationship for all the right reasons in your head, it seems like your second guessing your relationship based on what your parents may think. Yes, it will feel pretty awkward for your father to continue to be friends with a man who may be doing his daughter and it may even break their friendship completely apart. And if this 37 year old man really respects you, then he will stick by you through this because your family will want to know every detail and don't forget to reassure them that this was not going on while you were underage. Relationships happen whether they're supposed to or not, so don't feel any guilt and whether your parents accept it or not honestly, it really shouldn't affect you because you're at the age where you make your own decisions. Now if you are still living under their roof, of course you have to respect their wishes, but you do what you want when it comes to living your life. Good luck


Well he is still a young guy, yes at 37, however he is too old for you. I'm sorry to tell you but your parents are going to be pissed, more so at him because he should know better, you are just a kid (yes even at 19, your brain hasn't even finished developing yet, look it up). Personally I don't think you should tell your parents, I think he should out of respect to your father and then you can talk to them about it. Just be prepared however, I doubt this guy is considering you as marriage material so don't say something that you will regret to your parents and although you are old enough to see whomever you want, they can legally kick you out of the house and cut you off. This will more then likely end the friendship your parents have with this man.


LOL doesn't just want sex from you? That's all we want, sorry to burst ur bubble there. He just wants sex and probably finds the fact that it's being kept a secret even more exhilarating. If you don't believe me tell him you won't have sex till your married. See what happens.


You are having sex now though, you'd be surprised how long we're willing to pick away at someone. I imagine you're hot. Seriously just try it, try saying that you don't want sex anymore until marriage and watch the truth unravel.


Its nasty that your dating your dads friend... You must have known him for a while now, and he must have been to family parties and everything, thats just weird. I think he may just be with you for the sex. You should try talking to your mom first, like drop hints that you think your dads friend is cute and just stuff like that and see what she says. and maybe she'll tell your dad that you got a crush on him and you'll get to see how your dad reacts to that...GOOD LUCK...


Sweetheart, I think it is absolutely DISGUSTING that this friend of your dads would get into a relationship (for SEX- sorry to ruin it for you but that is ALL it is) with his LITTLE GIRL!?

You are not an adult yet, sorry. 19 is not wise enough in the world to know about integrity and honesty. When you are 37, you will then have perspective. When you are 37, my dear, remember to look at 19 year old sons of your close girlfriends and imagine breaching their trust by having sex with your friends young son!?

I am 40, a woman, and have friends who have sons that are 19, 21,22. I would NEVER , and I mean NEVER try anything with them! It has never even crossed my mind! That is just deplorable, any way you slice it.

All the people telling you to go for it are ignoring the facts here. This isnt just any 37 year old man. This is your father's "friend"! This man is betraying your parents' trust by screwing their baby!

Any man that would do that is lacking integrity, honesty, and respect.

That is not someone you can build a relationship with. Imagine, 3 years ago when you were 16, he was 34. If you would have been with him then, he would have gone to prison for child molestation. 3 years ago! Ugh! He is a scumbag. Dump him! and then tell your dad what a scumbag his friend is.


Sorry hun but I think you may be making a mistake, its not my life and I don't play on age differences much. But I think he may not be as great as you think


He is 37, not offense. Get a grip girl! Your 19. He will die before you. How will that make you feel. Better now then ever? Or just worse beacuse you had all your life to change.


well if you have so much fun with him NO its not wrong you search for who you know is right for you your parents love and care for you it might take some time to get used to but in the end they will except him