Is my moms boyfriend okay to do this?

I'm 13 my name is Katie Xavier and i am a girl.

My moms boyfrend sometimes touchs me.

Last night when my mom was at work he came to my room and was touching me.

He told me to get out of my bed.

I did becuse i was scarred.

he took of my pajamas and licked me down there.

He said if it feels good its okay and that its not wrong.

but i think it felt good but i dont like it.

i cried but he said its okay and he will give me something today.

i really want a cell phone,

i dont want to tell becuse he might get it for me.

but should i tell my mom or wait unitil he gives me the surprise?


either this is fake and your a guy named xavier who made up that whole story..


but hey , it isnt rape if you liked it ;)

(but no im totally kidding, this is DEFINATLEY rape.)


tell your mom and make sure she doesnt see him again! he could get arrested for doing that!



tell your mom

call the police


You were molested.... you need to tell your mom, your doctor, call 911 ASAP.


If this is for real, TELL. You can get a phone later.


Umm the surprise might be somthing you dont want so umm its kind of obvious that you should tell your mom! Or even call the police.


Well, dude, if this is real, it looks like you got molested, which isn't a good the police, or go to the police. He'll get arrested. It's not okay for him to do that, dude.


Tell your mother right away; I don't suggest immediately calling the police simply because it will involve child services- only in the instance where your mother does not believe you or does not immediately take action to remove her boyfriend from your home should you resort to this step. Of course, if you feel unsafe of unable to tell your mother, again, that is a good time to call the police instead.