How do you hide a tongue piercing from your mum?!?

Simple as i asked, how do you really hid it?! coz Imma have trouble this time tomorrow


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buy a tongue retainer... it's a clear barbell. google search "tongue retainer"


I'm a mom. Good luck with hiding it. It will never happen.


get a clear piecing :)


you cant really unless you simply just do not talk to her. that's an obvious answer though..


Take it out and leave it out!


Fortunately, there's a really simple solution to your problem - don't open your mouth ever again.


If you live with your mom, I don't see that happening. If you don't live with your mom then tell her you're sick tomorrow and can't meet with her. Or take it out (but she will probably see the hole one would assume).


this is all quite obvious and probably quite useless info but anyway -

take out the piercing,

get a clear piercing

don't open your mouth

don't use your tongue to talk if possible

good luck! Xxx