Stealing my Parents Chocolates?

Okay, so im a complete chocoholic, my parents get chocolate, they hide it, then what do you know, the next thing that i do is eat it. My parents are getting really mad at me and just a moment ago my mom said she was upset with me, (Shes very sick) And slams the door on me.

Im soo greedy with Chocolate, but i just cant help it! Please, somebody help me! I dont know what to do. Should i apologize? How do i lay down on the chocolate when im a complete %100 Chocoholic, Please Help!


I do that too but my parents love chocolate too so they buy HUGE containers of it, so they don't notice. I don't think it's *that* bad considering all the worse things you could be doing. Maybe apologize, and buy yourself your own box of chocolate.


Book your parents a hotel room.


Yes, you should apologize, try to limit yourself to one or two pieces a day of YOUR chocolate.


Steal all their chocolate and tell your parents to go away. You have an addiction and your cravings need to be satisfied or you'll go into withdrawal.


wow you should really apologize to your parents and try to cut your intake of chocolates. More chocolate will get you unreasonable fat and you could end up having diabetes. Even if you love chocolate, try to control yourself in front of it. Force yourself to stop or you'll be doing it for the rest of life.



first of all i think that you should apologize because it would just be a nice thing to do so your mom doesnt stay mad at you for much longer.

then to stop eating so much chocolate i guess all you can do is try eating something else instead or just resist the temptation to eat chocolates that arent yours!

good luck :)


It sounds to me like you have Candida. This is a yeast over growth in your body caused from fake sugar. What it does is cause addiction. Food addiction is the same as drug addiciton.

What you can do is go to the healthfood store. I like The Vitamin Shoppe, and get a candida cleanse.

This should help. Also eat foods that are anti fungal, like green apples and garlic, onions..

You can go to your parents and tell them, that you really do have a sugar problem.