I have 2 friends. one is calm and never spreads anything bad, the other friend is annoying. (Read Description)?

I have a friend that is really annoying, one day when we were in school I was talking to her about my Brother In Law. I told her that when he was in my house I went over to speak to him about something. A few mins later I kissed him on the cheek, she then said that I took it further and had sex with him. Why would she say this? I told her that this was all fake, but she said that I did have sex with him.

P.S. He is my sisters boyfriend, I wouldn't want to do that with him. What do I tell her?


well because maybe she thinks that what u did? maybe don't just tell her things anymore.


I don't think she's a real friend if she's spreading blatant lies that could seriously damage your reputation and tear your family apart. Either give her a taste of her own medicine, stop hanging out with her, be careful not to tell her things like that or carry on as normal if you really want to stay friends.