Does my mom love my brother more than me?

I'm sure my Mom loves my older brother more than me. And here's why:

1) She doesn't pay attention to me a lot. Whenever I'm talking to her I have to call out "Mom" every now and then, and most of the time she won't know what I'm talking about. When Justin- my brother- comes in the room though, she lights up and listens to everything he says.

2) Justin's always the perfect child in her eyes. He never does anything wrong, and if something happens in the house (like a vase breaks, etc.) I'm instantly blamed for it because I'm not a ***** like my brother is, and I do get in more trouble. Not much though.

3) My brother hits me. If I say something to him, or '*****' at him about it, he'll get in my face or grab me by the neck and say "You think you can say that to me?" and then sometimes he'll hit me, most of the time in my neck or mouth. When I go and tell my mom about it, she always says "Who started it?" and Justin will always point at me and say I was bitching at him about something. Then, my mom says "Justin, you don't have a right to hit your sister... but Mckaela, if your gonna keep bitching at him, you deserve it." And he never gets in trouble (neither do I, btw.)...

4) Her mom (my grandma) never liked her the best either. My grandma liked Bill the most, which was her first son.

So what do you think? Does she like him more. I think she does. What do I do about it?



-I am the middle child. I have two brothers. That take over EVERYTHING.

-Ill be like "Mom, look at what I just wrote.. (Because Im a artist.. I make songs) And she's always just like "Mhm... Yea, cool"

-But like 10 minutes later one of my brothers will walk in and be like "Mom, do you remember when I ... (And start talking about how good they did in a recent basketball or football game.)

Theres a lot more I could say but its not worth it... Im starting to think shes bias or something.


Maybe she's just going through a phase were she can't relate to you as much


she has higher standards 4 yhu gurll...she thinks dhat you actually can be successful unlike yo bro


i think she does too but theres not much you can do about it