Why does my mom get so mad..?

I'm generally an emotionless person, you know unless I'm doing something I enjoy a lot. I don't smile easily at petty things like talking to many people but people know I'm happy because I laugh a lot o.o

I don't smile about a week or two before a trip because I don't get excited easily. This makes my mom extremely mad at me...she thinks somethings mentally wrong with me and wants to take me to a therapist. I DONT WANNA GO D;

She also tells me, if I don't find something to be happy about she'll find something for me to be happy about. I got upset and I'll admit it, my eyes watered some and she said flat out she didn't care if I cried. I'm 15 btw o-o (yep. those couple years in limbo)

sooo~ Why does she get so mad o.o


Honestly I can't say WHY your mom reacts this way... people are different...

But I have A LOT experience on this area with my own mom... (not exactly with the smiling part but with conflicts in general) ...

I'm 16 but I've learned so much in the 16 years of my life about conflicts and parents...

After TONS of fighting with my parents I realized one thing: You can't control everything! Such as who your parents are or how THEY react... But we CAN control how we OURSELVES react... that's why it's easier not to worry about the things we can't control.

I don't know what relationship you have with your mother but if you don't want to go to a therapist ... tell her!

Try to sit down and talk to her about how YOU feel and why you act as you do or in this case why you're not excited about some trip, if you have any older brothers or sisters ask them to speak with your mom (or other close relatives if possible). A good thing to know though is that if you start telling her what SHE does wrong (etc etc) she'll probably go in self-defense-mode which (believe me) will make you SOOOO frustrated and the power-game will begin – which is absolutely a thing to avoid.

If she doesn't get it try telling her that you are what you are and she needs to accept that – if she gets frustrated about it it's not your problem. Because (as said before) why worry about something you can't control, right?

Extra: My mom also once told me that she believed I had a mental problem (which I don't!)... This made me extremely mad and we had a HUGE conflict/fight... after tears, anger and frustration I thought to myself: Why should I care about she thinks I have mental problems? I know I don't have problems, my friends don't think I have a problem and why should they?

Anyways ^_^

Yes, teen-years are horrible at times when it comes to handling your parent and so on. But try talking to her and also remember to ask her why SHE believes you have problems. Don't act all high and mighty (as I tend to act sometimes... not a good thing) or say that you "know best" and she "can't control you life"...

Also a handy tip: My mom sometimes says "oh, yeah, and it all revolves around you? what about me? I want to..." bla bla bla... Try to think of what she might answer and prepare something to say.

I wish you ALL the luck and hope you figure it all out with your mom ^_^

(please let me know how it turns out)

EDIT: In worst case scenario you just need to save up money and move out the house at 18 or whenever it's allowed to do so... There are probably plenty of dormitories or other places to go if worst comes to worst!


well i don't know. maybe she thinks she failed as a mom.


your mom just wants to c you happy


Cause she cares about you


your mom is prob like mine where she is a straight out female dog. best suggestion is to get a job (stay in school of course) save money and then around 17 or 18. get your own place and a car so you don't have to deal with her. that is just what i think. and as far as a shrink goes... tell her you already talk to someone (only if you actually do) if not go to someone you can talk to about anything that you can also trust..