I want to make my boyfriend a gift basket what do i put in it?

Our year anniversary and his 20th birthday happen to be on the same day. What are some good things to put in the basket?


I like being oringal and creative. Maybe most of his favouite things.

I would put "Best Man" Mug (or of course whatever you can find)

a teddy bear that says "i love you",

his favourite chocolate,

a football T-shirt (or in pennies i say his t-shirt that said "hard working men men should spend their weekends in front of football!" and their was a funny picture,

Maybe a photograph of you and him together in a nice frame,

A peom of all the reasons he is special (if you can't do this alone, i know i can't, google some or ask friends)

An ablum of his most memorable memories (ask friends to give pictures)

A cd of his favourite song/singer

A fancy perfume and a key ring with maybe a car on it

and if you can get one, my friend had a badge that said "Im 18! uh oh im an adult now!",

There are a few suggestions. Feel free to ask if you have any more enquires! I hope this helped!


Some cologne, I like Versace Dreamer.

A gift card to his favorite store. (Best Buy is good)

A greeting card with some cash (about $20)

His favorite Music artists CD


Key Ring


TRy to put something he really likes! LIke you can ask him what would you like the most, not trying to reveal that you are giving him a present!


his favorite candies or cookies, tickets to a show or game, mixed cd you made him, gift card, a new book, mini colognes, pack of those under t-shirts guys wear so much, socks lol, gag gifts, picture of you and him in a frame


maybea zippo lighter, a gift card to his favorite store, some of his favorite candies, maybe a piece of jewlry like a necklace or something like that & a card. if he has a game system some games or a dvd and "sex coupons" :)


I'm sure all he wants is you. Just spend the day together and have a good time.


a 360 and some games, trow in a sandwhich to, and remember to make sure you get him mw2,


A bible to remind him that sex before marriage is a sin.