Lonely and my boyfriend just want talk to me

im 8 months pregnant right now and me and my boyfriend split up for about a month but we still talked, we just dont live with eachother anymore. im extemely lonely cuz i have no friends anymore cuz all my good friends moved and the friends i do have are fake so i dont talk to them really. so now im back home with my mom and grandma. all i do is sit home all day thinking about him but he never answers my calls or texts because i flip out on him all the time so basically i drove him away, but it's because its so hard to accept the fact that we are split up right now and im so emotional. how can i get him to speak to me and want to see me? i cant take this lonliness anymore this is a time in my life where I should be happy, and instead im depressed and sad. =(


awww hang on there, everything will be okay with time. Maybe try texting him like Blake said, but if not then try not to think about him and find something else to make you happy. You don't need a guy to make you happy. Good luck with the baby, that will keep your mind off of him. Be strong and God bless you! ( :


well text him and tell him that i am sad lonley and depressed and if you can just say hey hi or something at least it would help. and talk to you grandma and parent they will be there for you.. every thing will be ok and don;t worry just the hormoneys talking right now and you will get better dont worry.