Bad impression left on my girls mom?

so early today my girl springs it on me that were goin to her moms house and i had just smoked more than a couple bowls.. so i slept it off for a bit hoping it would subside by the time we went over to her moms house... so we go n im just burning out (in case for those who dont know, its like the hangover of being high - you get really tired and ****) and i was there for about 20 mins i told my girl i needed to get my phone that i left it and i went back and smoked a spliff to my face (if u smoke again when burning out it brightens u up a bit)

long story short i used visine my eyes werent red and i didnt smell of anything but she knew i was baked .. i didnt smoke that much but it was good dank. her mom knew something was up because she was looking at me funny n asking a lot of questions. so she does this thing where she asked a bunch of questions fast in a row and then she added in "are you high?" and i said yeaa-no. but she knew. now she kicked me out of her house and said she dont want me seeing her and all this bullshit.

i texted my girl and she said her mom is just over reacting we can still see each other just not tell her. i dont wanna sneak around like were doing somethin bad, were not 12 man.

how can i get her mom to like me again?

im obviously not gonna smoke next time i see her but the fact is that its done i just dont know how to go about 'proving' myself with something like this


apologize bro, bye the mom a cute gift or something \...ask your gf what candy or something her mom really likes and apologize and tell her ways you can improve


intergrity first just say sorry to her thats all it matter rights now. Instead of waiting do it right now..cause if you wait that means you don't give a ****. thats how most parents think today.


Find a better girlfriend.

One who's mum also smokes weed.


Damn bro. That's unfortunate, but if she is that against weed it's likely you won't win her favor. Just smoke a bowl, that's about all you can do in this situation besides giving her time.


quit smoking, get on xanax.


Tough, more fool you for taking drugs, douchébag.