I have questions about emancipation and moving out? Please help me!?

We are teenagers but as I always ask please do not use this against us. I know many of us have fallen into the "terrible teenagers, dont know anything, jack a.s.s., and act as if they know it all" group. Believe me that is not us. But please hear us out, I am looking for advice and am reaching out to learn. Thank you

My boyfriend and I have been dating for about 8 months and my parents love him. They have grown attached to him just like I have (: We do not smoke, drink, do drugs, sneak out, we make fantastic grades and are loyal to eachother. We do have our ups and downs but we are most definitely high school sweethearts. Don't tell me it will never work out because my brother married his high school sweetheart and they are going strong for over 6 years now! :)

Anyway like I was saying my boyfriend and I are a good fit and my family really loves him.

Well the problem is his family is not too fond of me, keeps me away from him purposely, and makes him hang out with other girls just to make me think he is cheating on me.

We both live in Florida, his parents are very controlling and abusive. I have witnessed this physical abuse twice. He has no say in his house, and is afraid of being hit if he says anything about me or wrong.

My mother has offered for him to come live with her and get away from his terrible folks. We are both 17.

What are the laws and emancipation rules about moving out. What if his parents tell him he is to never see me or move in with my mother, but he does anyway? What will happen if he decides to move in with my mom?

Does anyone have any similar experiences, advice, or information they would like to share? Please please help me. I'm begging you. Thank you for everything.


My best advice is that he is 17, tell him to start planning now, TODAY, saving some money, packing up some things and the DAY he turns 18 he is as free as a damn bird and he can do whatever he wants. Tell him to be ready to move out on his 18th birthday. Prep prep now....why do it any other way when his is so close to turning 18. Also if he really cant wait he is 17 and can move out and there really isnt anything his folks can do.