Do yahoo answers user really look like their avatars?

I personally don't look like my Avatar. Im a 63 yrs old man but I feel using this avatar will give me a better chance of catching a young blonde.

Do other people do the same thing?


prob not,my question to u was gonna be do u look like urs but think u answered that already,use what u like but only a fool would be attracted to what someones avatar looked like


Tricky Q, well I would like to think that most of those with image avatars somehow get to choose most likely nearer to their personality or physical image. But there are others who may want to be more mysterious or yes simply hide themselves or put themselves in the personality they have always wanted or dreamed of. In other words, those with complexes.


That's more than slightly worrying.

I look a little like my avatar but there's only so much you can tell from them. Blue eyes, blonde hair, you can't really conjure up an image of them.


not me i try to look like i do in real life


Thats stalker-like creepy um, i...guess?


creepy. very creepy.