Before I over react, I would like some opinions on this situation ?

Okay, So I work in a Store, And today there is only one woman and myself working.

I woke up feeling terribly sore and tired from the cold I've had the past couple of days, and almost took off work although I didn't because I knew if i did she would be here by herself, so I came in.

Lunch time comes around, And she asked me if I was going out to get my lunch, I told her I wasnt sure as I cant really be bothered driving as the antibiotics I took for my cold are making me tired.

I might think about going a bit later.

She wanted to know if i was going to get lunch for the guy who does maintenance for us so she wouldnt have to.

Then she said

' We'll Gary* needs lunch and you have to go and get it for him. I dont want to have to go get it if i dont have to and since you are going to leave anyway you can get it'

Calmly, I said ' Well I dont know right now if i want to go at all yet, I don't feel well.'

Then all of a sudden, she snaps and yells ' Well Its not always about you! you should think about other people once in a while, DONT WORRY ill just go MYSELF its FINE! "

To this is felt extreme rage, I didnt know what to say, I'm sick and shes trying to make me feel bad because I don't want to go and get my lunch yet? If Gary wanted his lunch THAT bad, what is so hard that she has to go and get it.

Otherwise I will go later.

UMMMMMMM does anyone else think she has gone absolutly psycho?

because I think I need to inform my boss of my ill treatment by her, as now when she gets back i'm going to feel uncomfortable in her presence.

What do you guys think?


She's absolutely physco.

She should have listened to you the first time and respected the fact that you weren't feeling good and wasn't able to drive because of the medicine you were on. I'm glad you chose not to drive because it's not safe to drive while on meds. Like you said, if they wanted lunch so bad then they could have gotten it themselves since you were sick, it's not your place to feed them!


She is down right mean and you did nothing wrong. I would turn her in so she will know that she cant treat you that way


k she is WAY OUTA LINE!she has no right 2 talk 2 u lyk that. & GOOD JOB for NOT punching her face because i sooooooooooooo would have. i think u should tell ur boss b4 u do end up punching her face or saying something u mite lose ur job 4. i hope u get feelin better & get ur psycho problem took care of(:


i think you shouldve told her you cant drive in that condition and also i think shes mistreating you so you should turn her in, ive left jobs myself cause of jerks like that two times already too


I think she has problems at home that she was taking out on you. Don't go to the boss just yet - try to handle it yourself. Tell her that her response was out of line because your lunch time is indeed all about you, and that what she said didn't make any sense, and the two of you aren't going to be able to get along unless she takes her own advice and thinks about other people once in a while.