How do I overcome jealousy?

I really love this girl in my school, but I always feel jealous whenever I see my friends talking to her because, in a way, she's popular and has a good attitude. She has told me to trust her, but I still feel jealous at times, I just don't understand why I feel this way. Perhaps it's because I don't trust her completely, or my trust in her is not strong enough. Every time I get jealous, I would be down for a few days, and feel really sad, as if I have no chance with her anymore and probably won't be with her in the future. I want to stop feeling this way, I really do. I'm so tired of being down over petty things like this. How do i overcome this jealousy? How can I build my trust in her? Please help.


It sounds like the insecurity is within you and nothing to do with her, why don't you feel you are good enough, start believing in yourself. I suggest you start playing sports, take up a hobby do things that make you feel like your unique you, and then those insecurities will go. You need to feel good within yourself and about you to be happy with someone else. If your instincts are right and she is no good you will find out, but in the mean time focus about you and what makes you happy, we don't get that from other people. You will see if its meant to be it works if not there is someone else out there for you.