How would i be nice to someone if there mean to me and they just terned mean?

like my best friend malinda ,we were friends ever since middle school all the way to duke collage, were still together, but ever since shes been acting weird when we went to collage and i keep asking her whats wrong she keeps telling me "Oh, nothings wrong Amber, i'm fine" and then one day i woke up,took a shower and put on my make up when i was ready to go get some breakfast before my first class started she yelled at me saying "I don't know whats wrong with me, i'm going crazy, and you know why, i didn't want to tell you this but i made new friends they have fun with me more fun then i have with you, she can always buy me stuff,secret stuff and we have so much fun, just NEVER TALK TO ME AGAIN YOU ******" now i think my old friend malinda is doing drugs i tried to say why? but she just didn't answer me and everyday from that one shes been ignoring me,What do I do? PLEASE HELP i cant help thinking shes suicidal



Give her the space she needs, just be there when she asks or needs you.....

True friends know when to step back and when to step in . . . .

Good luck


if you want to be a friend to her, just be there, when she'll fall and her friends give her up.