What to say to someone whose grandpa just died?

my boyfriends grandpa just died this morning and i have no clue what to say or do because i dont want to say something and make it worse or say something stupid . what would you say ?

help !

thanks !


Tell him this.

I am very sorry for your loss of your grand father and I believe you loves him dearly, so do I.

I really like you to be strong in yourself to stand up for your grand pa.

I believes in my heart he is already in heaven.

Please do not blame anyone of his passing, and I wish that his love will be forever in your heart and be remember.

Please do send my dearest condolences to the rest of the families and I love them too.

Baby, I love you and do take care and will call you later, love you.


Tell him you are sorry for his loss and if he needs someone to talk to, you are there for him.You can also tell him his grandpa is no longer suffering (if he was), and he is in a better place. Just being by his side can help also.


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