What should I do in this situation? I am really counting on the readers here?

me and my friend are both in choir as a class for school. I know what your thinking, this isn't a friend problem. the teacher is very unproductive. we never sit at desks and have little stools. over a hundred students have this class. she lies to us, which earns our disrespect. our class sees this as a great opportunity to talk. she will mess up on piano keys and scream at us for getting our part wrong (we mess up because all of a sudden our notes are all of a sudden different) and starts a piece of music, then never finishes it because she wants to start another. she calls us names and tells us we are stupid and cannot do anything right. basically, you get the picture. like everyone else, me and my friend talk. it is a class right before lunch, and the first time we see eachother all day. of course, we have to talk! especially when she is working with a different individual part and leaves us with nothing to do. I guess we talk and laugh loudly. when she is talking, we usually don't talk. if we do and have to finish a story, we whisper in bits and pieces. today I accidentally held a note out a second longer than everyone else. she immediately jumped and yelled at my section. it was an accident. well, after lunch, I had gone to my next class. my friend has her locker near the choir room. the teacher came out and she got in trouble for talking during choir. I am really scared that I am next. me and my friend are very good students. usually the teachers love us and say we behave very well. only one other time had a teacher said something about me talking, and it was for a question. I hate displeasure from teachers at me, so does my friend. I am thinking about maybe going up to her and saying "I didn't know I caused that much trouble! I'm sorry !" or maybe avoiding it because she may not get me. what would you do in my shoes? what is your advice?


Don't draw attention to yourself by talking to the teacher about it. However, you and your friend might try to curb the chit chat during choir. With 100 kids to manage, I suspect it might be a bit stressful for your teacher. Cut her some slack. Can't you and your friend wait until lunch to catch up on your news?

You can be extra careful not to mess up your notes when singing and just be very mindful of this teacher and how stressed out she must be. Remember to be respectful of your teacher's time because you don't want to be known as a trouble maker.


Walk up to your friend and tell her how you feel. She sure will understand you. Both of you walk through the experience together. Some teachers are just skeptical about particular student. May be your teacher wants to see if you are strong enough to hold to your character already established in the school. In anything you do, don't let any teacher cause you to tear down with your own hands the legacy you are building in the school. Dear you need patience and carefulness.