I couldn't finger myself?

I'm a virgin but I wanna try to finger myself. Thing is, I couldn't find a big hole where it's supposed to be. Like I could see a tiny one but when I tried to put my finger in, only the top part of my finger could go in.

I did search for pictures of vaginas with hymens still intact and they looked nothing like mine. I'm afraid it'll hurt a lot when I have sex in future because the opening is so small.

Is it possible for me to use a dildo?


First of all, it is HEALTHY ( not wrong) to want to pleasure yourself, it actually keeps down the rates of heart disease, look it up. and believe me, the orgasm is the best thing your body will ever feel. First of all, there are different ways to pleasure yourself, but for a virgin with a small or tight hymen, I wouldn't suggest going about sticking anything in that tiny hole. Definitely do not get a dildo, that will hurt, but I would start working and stretching that hymen verryy gently before having sex ( with a pinky finger then move your way up, but you won't get pleasure for many months until it's wider to actually get a full finger in at least)

Best way to pleasure yourself right now is with the god made 8000 nerved pleasure button: the clit. I'm sure you might know where it is, but look up diagrams online... Basically the very top of your vag where the ( sry if this isnt discreate) flaps begin to separate. I find that using three fingers ( pointer, middle, and ring) and going in a small, circular, firm, massaging motion does the best pleasure... Try it first on your palm...It's as if you had an ithch right there but you obviously don't itch down there with your fingernails... Also little tips, warmth helps a LOT, like in a nice hot bath.... Also Allow the rest of your body to be relaxed, laying down or something soothing.


OMG r u serious this is quite amazing that u come on yahoo answers to ask a question like this, u should go ask ur mommy and tell her it is time for the sex talk lol


dont do these kind of things..


well give me a call and ill pope the cherry .


Ew, why would you want too finger yourself anyway? Get somebody else to do it for you.


quite possible you got your pee hole instead? try about an inch south. and gently press you finger, and it should slide in.


Instead of fingering first you should learn the art of masturbating.It is self stimulation for sexual satisfaction without intercourse. You will get fully aroused and also wet over there so thereafter if you push your finger in it will not hurt you. The vagina is so stretchable and flexible that it can accommodate any size of penis and after a mild pain initially there will be no pain but pleasure only if your life partner knows the art of foreplay and love making.