Can you help me, pleaseee?

I'm from Romania, and I fell in love with a boy from England, he says he loves me, it's like we are meant for each other... But a few months ago I felt like something's wrong, then I noticed he was flirting with a girl on facebook, I asked him if he likes her, and he said yes, and he said ' they're getting to know each other', and I'm too far away and we can't be together... He broke my heart, I couldn't eat or sleep, and after 1 week he came back to me and apologised, he said it didn't work out with that girl, he said he loves me and I forgave him because I love him so much, but we said we will be just friends... after a time we 'got back together', as we were, cos he said he misses me, and I knew I miss him too.... but still he said he can't promise me anything, he can't be faithful.... But I am, I just can't look at other boys without comparing them with him... And now he seems distant, I texted him and asked what's wrong but he doesn't reply, he said he's busy these few weeks... I just want him to be just with me, if he says he loves me then it means he wants just me right? ... I know we are too far away from each -other but I guess that when you call someone ' my one in 6 billion' it means you really love that person right?....when he's drunk he says he wants to marry me cos he's crazy about me, but he's just drunk.... He's almost 18 and I'm 17... I'm asking - What should I do? Should I end this? I feel like I'm exhausted, I love him but I'm afraid he will replace me ,I just feel like I will go crazy! I can't live like that, I'm jealous on every girl he talks with and I'm paranoid ... please tell me what should I do.... Thank you!

and excuse my grammar [ if I wrote something wrong] ... and please don't be harsh..


a woman (I suppose that includes a girl your age) needs one man to fulfill all her needs; a man (boys your friend's age too, I think; they never grow up anyway) needs many women to fulfill his one need. Even though it's just a funny joke/saying, it's not too far fetched. Not to rectify this hopeless relationship but to let him "taste" his own whimsical inconsiderate behaviour I suggest you'll act the same (even though you are not interested in other guys): pretend you are, pretend you are after someone (or better even few) else - make him jealous. He'll behave like a child whose toy might be taken by another child and will try to hold on to you ---- I guess that could happen. Still, I doubt it if it is worth the effort.


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waste of time