Guy spreading lies about me to a girl i like?

There's this girl I like, and pretty sure she likes me. We've been talking for a little while now, but there's a problem. This guy she and I both know has a crush on her, but she's not interested. Today I found out he started telling her things that I say behind her back to him, which of course are lies. He apparently said I called her a butterface, among god knows what else.

What can I do to counter this?


just confront her and tell her you never said those things

be blunt and brave


i say the same as the bottom person


just tell her you want to be straight up and you like her and if you did say them things then i wouldnt be interested in talking to you the way i do

then tell her why he said those things be like he is knida mad im talking to you because we both have a crush on you i just spoke up first