What does it mean if a guy says "lets go raw"?

What does it mean if a guy says "lets go raw"?


it means he`s going to get, and/or give you a baby and a sexually transmited disease real soon.

run as fast as you can, he`s no prize


that means lets have sex without a condom.


It means having sex without a condom on.


Sex without using any protection


No condom. Also referred to as "bareback"


If you're talking about food & cooking, it means to NOT heat the food above 120 degrees.


Perhaps he has a fetish for uncooked meat?

Or, more likely, he wants to have unprotected sex. Which is not advisable if you don't want to contract an STI.


Considering this is in th relationship section I'm going to assume that this is referring to the sexual meaning. It means without a condom or anything between you and him. Make sure you're on a contraceptive before doing that.