My aunts husband.... crossed the line and i might hav too ! advice n e one?

4 sister and moms bday we went out on the town... bars, danced, drank... hungout at aunts after... i was drunk and so was everyone else... one by one they started to go find somewhere to sleep.. i left the table and found an open couch... aunts husband came and covered me w a blanket and sorta grabbed my thigh, he left and i thought nothing of it... came back w another and tucked it under my breast... then he came and asked y one of the girls were crying (everyone was drunk) and when i started to tell him he grabbed my breasts and squeezed and kept feeling me up... i didnt realize wat he was doing until he started to pull my shirt down and i told him to stop... he got up fast and left... i was totally freaked and went to bed... next day i pretended like i had no memory of the night b4... he thinks i dont remember but i do... i think i developed a lil crush on him, and he is a lot more comfortable around me and sometimes txt me, but b4 he never really did... everytime i see him my heart starts pounding and racing... i kno its wrong and my aunt would destroy him and me... i dont want to feel this way but i can control the fluttering in my stomach when im around him....


im not sure how old you are or how old this man is but it seems to me if he had not started feeling you up you wouldn't be interested in him now his motive was clear he wanted you to get this crush and he knows how you feel and is getting a kick from it.when you told him to stop he did exactly that he never forced anything making you believe he is a gentleman.this guy is a practiced seducer i would steer clear if i was you and remember this is your aunts husband and therefore out of bounds. go find a guy that is unattached.




say something, he could have done worst that night, do your aunt and him have kids? especially daughters?


I would say that you stay clear of your uncle. Sure, you have a little crush on him. But if you go through with this, you'll end up destroying your family. And plus, for me as a Christian that I'm trying to be, it is one of the great sins of "feeling lust towards your uncle." So, please, DO NOT act upon it and find a nice and supportive guy who is NOT attached to anyone.


Can't you see he's pond scum? Look what's he's doing to his wife and kids? How would you feel if this was your husband coming on to a young woman? You'd be crushed! Don't let him use you this way, to fulfill his fantasy. Go find yourself a young single man, not a family member, to explore your sexuality with. And, don't be flattered, he's a loser to do this to you and to his family.


well, your aunt's husband is a type of guy who is willing to have sex regardless if you are under age, married, a horny girl, sl*tty, whore etc, if you just show him a green light then he will go. a lot of guys are just like that in my experience. that's why if you are a girl or a gay guy, having multiple sexual partners with guys ARE NOT A PROBLEM GOOD LUCK ENJOY! just keep silent if you want it! who care about your aunt if you just want to feed your lust.