Embarrassing pee stories?

Me and my friend were out shopping and I had to go pee, not that badly, but we were in a shop and my friend was trying on different pairs of pants and it took her awhile and when we finally left the shop I was dying for a wee. Unfortunately I had those pants that have like 25 buttons on them. I stood in front of the bowl crossing my legs and desperately trying to undo my pants but it was too late and i totally peed my pants. I just couldn't hold it long enough to undo my pants. Luckily I was in the bathroom so my friend just bought me a new pair of pants and underwear so I could change and go home without anyone noticing except for my friend. My shoes and socks were still a bit wet from all the pee though. I have never used those pair of pants since that incident and I don't think I will ever wear them again!

Pretty embarrassing to pee your pants when your 21 years old. But now I just laugh about it. Also, share some of your embarrassing pee stories. So we can laugh even more! Bye!


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2 weeks ago i was doing my thing in the bathroom when i hear someone say hey, i said hi?

after he said how is it going and i was thinking to my self am i really taking to someone while

im doing my thing so i responded its going ok just a little constipated then he says hey mom i need to call you back the person in the other stall thinks im talking to him. then he left.

i was still constipated


jeeeeeez i dont recall doing this

i always make sure i pee before leaving house


Haha. Last time i done this was when i was around 8. I was on a school trip and accidentally went into the boys toilets instead of the girls. Me and my friends were laughing so much idk why but when i got into the girls toilets i fell on some water and done the splits. Then i just pee;d myself. Yuck


hey dumbass, this ain't /b/.

Post your embarassing stories on 4chan not yahoo answers/.


When I was like ten...I was describing dot-hack-sign to my cousin, and I remember we were talking about the soldier...and I said the lead one had horns on his head. So she decided to call him the horny soldier dude....well we both laughed...and I laughed so hard, I peed. [this use to happen a lot with this cousin...always making me laugh when I had to pee -_-] We were both sharing the same blanket, and we were laying on the floor, we quickly scrambled out and threw it across the room and I went and washed up and she decided to sleep on the bed instead....the next morning we hid the blanket under the bed of a different room...later that same week another aunt came over and decided to clean the house...she found the blanket under the bed and goes "I think the cats peed on this blanket"....~shakes head~


One time i had a ***** when i was going to pee and it was pointed up and i pissed on my chest....

I dont remember clearly what happenned.

But it was weird 0.0 It was weird and embarrasing.


well this isnt a question but it was pretty amussing and yes it is funny to talk about it later on but it isnt embarassing at 21 because when you got to go you got to go aye?


Wow, that sucks... but you're right, it could have been a lot worse. lol

As for me, I haven't really had any embarrassing pee stories... 'cept for when I woke up from a dream covered in my own urine. I'm fairly certain I was dreaming about urination. The only person who knew about it was my dog.