Will it be okay if I do this?

My first name is a family traditional name,so every male in my family has it. So, I'm called by my middle name by my whole family and relatives. My brother and father is also called by their middle name. When I started school, everyone called me by my first name,so all my friends call me by my first name.

Into college and its still happening. So,all my friends call me by my first name but my family and relatives call me by my middle name(Ryon). I got four questions:

1. Is it okay that I use my first name even though every male in my family has it? They all go by their middle name by friends too.

2. Should I tell my friends that I am called by two names(middle by family/relatives) or let them find out instead?

3. Is this weird?

4. Finally do you know anyone like this,or similar? The only person I know who is quite similar to my situation is a famous person,Lonnie Rashid Lynn Jr AKA Common.(He's called Rashid by some, Lonnie by others apparently.


1. I don't think you should have a problem using your name. It is after all, YOUR name. So what if it's common in your family? I know 5 people in my school with the same name as me. Go for it!

2. If you want to tell your friends, tell them. If not, don't. It doesn't have to be a secret. Maybe tell a close friend. That way, if they ever meet your family they will know exactly what's up.

3. No, this isn't weird. I had trouble getting everyone to call me by my nickname when I started using it in middle school. I understand where you are coming from.

4. I have a similar situation. My friends know I hate my real name, and so call me by a nickname. My family refuses and always calls me by my first name.

Good luck. Have people call you what you like best. The way I see it, a name is a tag you'll respond to for the rest of your life, so it should be something you like hearing. I hope this helped some.


My old high school friends call me by my first name yet my new college friends call me by my last. I don't think it's weird, and as long as YOU don't mind being called two different names why should it matter? Just let your friends find out it shouldn't make a difference with their friendship to you.


There you go again, you really ought to be over this by now. You always get the same answers but you just ignore us all and post the question again. However often you ask the answer will remain the same. Why not ask all those male relatives who are in the same situation then you can stop taking up other people's time on here.


How many times are you going to ask this question? It's not unusual, it's not uncommon, there's nothing wrong with it! When people ask what your name is you tell them whatever name you would like to be called.


It's fine that you use your first name. Seems like your the only one so in that sense it's in fact unique.

You can tell your friends you are called by 2 names, it doesn't seem that big of a deal or that relavent.

No it is not wierd, there are many cultures with this tradition.

I knew a boy I went to high school with, he was greek and all his brothers had the same name as him. He also went by his middle name.

Also, my current boyfriends name is Larry. That is what I call him. Most of his friends call him Digg, annd his family call him Man.


My Husband goes by Bryan (his middle name) but his first name is Robert. Its because his older brother was named Steven (after their Dad) but the parents didnt want Steven Jr and Steven Sr. so they called him by his middle name, then just kept up the trend of using the middle names with the following two kids.

Its a pain in the butt. Go by what you feel most comfortable with.


Why are you worried about what your name is?

My full name is Brodielee and only my partner calls me that

My mum calls me Brode

And all my friends call me Prudence. (Was a funny nickname that just stuck)

If at any time your friends hear your parents call you something else, just explain to them that its easier because everyone else is known by the same name. It's not nothing to worry about, and it isn't even that important.