How do i get my ex boyfriend back?

We Weare going out for 4 months and then he broke up with me for another girl. Now he wont even talk to me. I want him back so badly, how can i win his heart again? I feel empty inside without him, i was soo happy when we were together. plz help.


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Ignore him. I was with my ex for 2 years, he broke up with me out of NO WHERE and I was absolutely devastated. I learned if I keep trying to get him back it only makes him want me less. After ignoring me for 3 months, he came back, but things just didn't work then. You need to just let him go, if he left you for someone else, you shouldn't want to be his last resort. Find someone who deserves you and do your own thing for now. That guy who broke up with me, that was a year and a half ago and now he keeps trying to talk to me still and I'm happily with my new boyfriend of 5 months :)


I was basically in the same situation. Before you do anything read some books on the subject before you make mistakes that you cannot take back.

The most helpful info that I found was at and I think that it saved my five year relationship.

It tells you exactly what to do without looking like a psycho or stalker.


Just let him be and do your own thing. They always come back,trust me...but you have to think,do you really want a guy to come back to you after he broke up with you for another girl? You'd be his girl on the side. I know that I wouldn't want to try and get a guy back that left me for another girl.


This may hurt, but you need to move on. Apparently he's happy in his new relationship. He's showing you that by his actions. Start fresh, he did. There are other guys out there looking for love. As for your ex, please let sleeping dogs lay. In other words keep it moving. Sorry to be so blunt.


Let it and him go this is one of those things in life that you can't do a thing about if it is meant to be it will be if not slave vee


The best thing for you to do is move on with your life. When he sees you happy, he's going to second guess his decision with breaking up with you. By that time, you will be so over him that you won't even consider getting back together with him.

I would try and get yourself involved with something. Take an art class or get involved in a kickboxing class or take up Archery. I know that it hurts but... moving on and time is the best things to help you get over a break up.

Good Luck!


Hey Girlie,

I think you should just let him go... If he did this to you for another girl, then he is a jerk..

And You did break up. Go put yourself out there, and dont just hang over him... :)

Hope this helps you


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