Bestfriend trouble?!?

So me and my bestfriend haven't been talking for almost 2 months because I guess he's girl dosent want him to talk to me but anyways I had bought my year book today scinc it's my senior year, so I have him for one class and I told him "I know were not talking but I would like you to sing my yearbook" he said okay and when I was giving him the marker so he could write with it he shook my hand and yea that was confusing.

Well he wrote in my yearbook:

"I want to let you know how much you mean to me I dearly love you and I'm looking forward to college with you I hope we both get some classes I had good times with you, your truley one of a kind I will miss you allot in the future. One day when were both old we will still be good friends. I love you and I will always be your bestie. Remeber our summers together :) I will miss those summers so much, this summer will suck not being with you. It's like just yesterday as if you first called me your bestie and monse is like are you really? and I said Hell Ya! :) <33 I love you :)"

When I first read it I started crying cuz of all that has happen between us, but I didn't really expect him to write this.

WhAt does this mean?


Hi Yup Yup!

It appears as thought your best friend has a lot more feelings for you than you may have thought. In his message to you, it is clear that he is grateful to have become your friend and he treasures all of the special moments and times the two of you have spent together. Your emotional reaction is a good indication that you feel the same way, and that you equally treasure those same memories. As the two of you go off to college I would encourage you to keep the lines of communication as best you can. Though he is seeing someone now, the type of history the two of you have could have implications for the future. Right now though, focus on the new and exciting time you both have ahead with college and the opportunities to make new friends, have new experiences, and to do new things.

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Counselor, AJ


Maybe he likes you more than a friend

or he just really loves you as a friend and doesn't like how you guys don't talk