I slept with a friend, now rumors are being said?

Somebody asked me if the rumour was true (which it obviously is) but i don't know whether to admit to it. The guy it happened with acted really nice to me just to get sex, then ignored me and acted as if i didn't even exist after. He got me drunk, took me back to his place and we had sex and i felt so used afterwards so I haven't bothered with him ever since. But now i feel like a **** because of the rumour going around :( Should i admit that it was true to the person who asked if it was?


What makes you a **** and not him? Act as if nothing happened. If he has told someone otherwise its your word against his, just say you wish. Then ignore the piece of ca ca.


Don"t, admit that it was true . sometime we are wrong ,we believe to the person we really love .But 90% of the boys just want sex out of girls.So be cool headed,an avoid to hear those rumour.


Well thats your choice. If you want people to know about it then tell them, but personally I wouldn't it's your life and nobody needs to know what's going on in it. I would tell the person no because it's none of there business. And she really should stay out of it.


Honesty is always the best policy but it is really none of their business. Your silence will tell them the truth anyhow.

Lessons learned.


Become a lesbian, and you'll never feel used ;)


Classy people never "kiss and tell"... never. It just isn't anyone's business.