What to get/buy for a guy?

Im going to a guy's 16th birthday party tomorrow, but I don't know what I should get him. I dont want him to know exactly how much Im spending, so I dont want to buy a gift card if possible, and i dont want to spend much money.

What do 16 year old boys like?

Would cookies or a pie be okay, or should I buy something?

We're not super great friends or anything, so what would be appropriate?



i just turned 16, brownies are a good gift, there so tasty and shows creativity than as compared to buying a gift card


you can ask him what he really like in a unawareness way, and then surfing on the internet for the wholesale products which is good and cheap for you. you can consider the china wholesale products as the low price man power and cheap original materials.


it really depends on the guy, does he play video games most guys around that age do. If so go to game stop and ask for a good game for his game console.


Get him like a shirt,or a if he wears base ball cap get him one :)