Vote: Remove Ex from Facebook friends?


I broke up with my ex last week, and the only connection I have left with her is via Facebook. I have deleted all her contact info from my phone/email etc. I still care for her, and am trying to get over her. I know I should remove her from FB, but for some reason am not. What do you guys think? I do want to be friends with her SOMETIME down the line, just not now.


Remove her. She's going to only be a temptation for you to creep and keep tabs on her. If you want to be friends with her later, you can contact her or send her a message. Seriously, you wont get over her if every time you log onto facebook you see her daily statuses.

You need to get over her if you ever want to be friends with her.

It's also too easy to log onto facebook and send her an embarrassing/heartfelt message after you've had a drink or if you're really down. Just delete.

If you're afraid of offending her, just send her a message saying that you hope one day you both will be able to talk as friends. However, right now it hurts too much to think about her.


I think that since you want to be friends with her sometime down the line, you are hesitant about deleting her. She will notice eventually and you are not comfortable with that idea because she might get the impression that you hate her. You can tell her that you need time and space to deal so you are deleting her. If that's not an option, hide her from your news feed so you are not updated on what she is doing. Since she's not a psycho, I wouldn't delete her unless you absolutely find yourself stalking her page every day. Exert some self-control and minimize that.


I think deleting her would just make you a jerk. If you're trying to get over her, just don't talk to her and don't visit her Facebook. Doesn't mean you shouldn't delete her from your friend's list. My twin's ex did that and he deleted her and me--so now a lot of people think he's a a-hole for doing so even though we frankly don't care.


send her an email and explain that seeing her status updates RIGHT NOW would be too painful for you, but that you do want to rekindle the friendship down the road. That way you don't burn bridges while at the same time you don't need to see updates of her with her new boyfriend etc when the wound is raw.


remove her from FB..if u guys are still "friends"then why did u delete her from your phone and stuff..just get it over and delete her


Don't delete her from FB


I would delete her, if you do not want to be friends now. Then, once you want to be friends again, add her again. :)