Should I ditch a friend when I go to highschool next year?

its the end of the year and I'm going to grade 10 next year and theres this one dirty, filthy, hobo friend I have and I really don't like him. He doesn't even take showers and everyone says he's filthy, I even went to his house and man do i regret it! I don't even know how the hell i became friends with him in the first place, he's really just awful. Anyway me and my other friends ignore him and act like we don't know him(lol) and decided not to be friends with him anymore. So the reason why I want to ditch him is because I don't want people seeing me hanging out with him in highschool because I don't want poeple to think that I'm like him. I take showers, I'm nice, good lookin and well kept. and also he'd ruin any chances i would ever have with dating a girl, girls at my junior high school who thoguht i was cute hate me now cuz i hang out with him, and yes its that bad!



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I think it pretty obvious...Ditch the weirdo!


Love yourself first and everything else falls into line. You really have to love yourself to get anything done in this world.-


Who in the world gives a flying fladoodle who your friends with?!? ;(? If they think that your friend sucks and you do too because your friends with them, then their the ones that suck! And don't be such a bad friend! Would you ditch your bestest friend ( good-looking or not) just because of girls? Then your not a very good friend. Nothing personal, but I have a lot of friends that are filthy and dirty....i'm hated because of so but i dont care!


you know what? i would stay friends, i doesn't matter if he smells or something if he's a good friend. i would suggest to him to take showers maybe try some cologne, it can't be strong though. then maybe both of you can get some girls. hope i helped.


well no offence but you sound like a bad friend...but i understand that yes you are judged by everyone, including your teachers on who your friends are..i would suggest talking to him...don't ditch him b/c of his hygiene!


Tell him he needs to take a shower and clean up a bit as a friend, dont be rude about it, say it nicely. And then maybe you can feel more "okay" about him being your friend.

If he needs help. offer him some assistance! (: Good Luck!


Wow your a bad friend no offense but that guy sounds like a good friend. You would ditch your friend because of you reputation in High School wow that is so bad. Thats just pathetic.


What I try to do in that situation is I try to avoid him in School. I also wouldn't text him or call him. I would just try to walk away from him and when he sees you you should say that you are busy and going to another class.