Help! It's about my "Best friend"..?

I'm New Hii:) & Really need help with this situation..

Ok so Kate & I Have been Bff's for about 3 years now I really Love & Care For her

But I feel like What I do for her she wouldn't be willing to do for me.

Whenever she invites me somewhere I'm Always down to go & I'll see her on weekdays..

But when I Wanna hang out on weekends she'll say "yea sure cant wait!" or something But then Like Last minute she'll say she can't or just wont answer her phone & will leave me hanging.

I don't really get along with some of her other friends she hangs out with & She's told me they talk crap about me behind my back & I tell her I'm a confront them about it & she says not to that I'll just give her "drama". She doesn't get along with sum of my friends either(she's very possessive so she won't like neone I hang out with) but they don't bother talking about her & if they did I would have her back.Oh & I feel lately she's been keeping things from me=/ oh & It's like I consider her my only bff & she calls other girls her "best friend" as well even if they're not that close like wtf?

When we are together we have good times were both into the same things & were always laughing & been through A LOT but idk what to do anymore I'm really hurt because she left me hanging yet again & most of the time we only do what she wants to.://

So What should I do about this? Should I continue having her as my bff or keep her as just a whatever friend or drop her all together?

Thankyouu For Readingg.


i was kind of in the same situation. she doesn't seem like that really that great of a friend. let her know one more time that the stuff she does really upsets you and you feel like she doesn't treat you right. if she still doesn't change, then i would say distance yourself from her. you need friends that give the same amount of effort into a friendship that you do, you don't always want to feel like you're the only one who cares. I don't think you shouldd completely stop being friends with her, but maybe not consider her your best friend, and get closer to your other friends. don't just put her on a pedestal and consider her your best friend, because that always causes hurt and confusion. treat her as equally as any of your other friends, so that way you won't feel upset when she does things like this.

good luck and hope i helped!


I think you should tell her *exactly* what you wrote here. Honesty is the best policy after all. If she blows you off i think you will know her true colors and should cut her loose. if she does listen to you and tries to change to your liking you may want to become close with another one of your friends so you can have another bff if this one doesn't work out. Good luck!


I have the same problem! (almost exacly) You should keep her as a friend, but be sure you make other friends, people who will be there for you. Oh, and don't confide everything in your "bff" cause she may not be keeping it a secret.


Sounds like your best friend wants to have control of everything.She shouldn't really be considered your "best" friend or even a friend at all.If she tells you that other people are talking behind your back and doesn't do anything about it or doesn't even try to defend you,shes not a true friend.I think you could try talking to her about it and then if she just blows you off and doesn't take it seriously,you need to drop her.Best friends let each other take turns and make sure that they both lead the friendship all together and that neither is always the one that decides everything.Look for some new friends that will really appreciate you.