Why do i fell like im not worth it and people are better than me?

people have more friends and i have a few

some girls give me a bad look like up and down

i feel like i look weird and

some girls act all loud and don't know if they talk about me:(

and i feel like crap

i get sad and i try to cheer up but i can't


your growing up and dont worry about it you have your main friends so why would you want to be like the other people that you think are talking about you....honestly if they want to talk about must be the high light of there lifes... then let them dont let them get to just be you and stand up high


i am 15 and i feel the same, i have felt the same for years. i know what i feel isnt true but i cant help shake the feeling. what i do is everyday when you wake up you get out 3 sticky notes and write on them 3 different things you like about yourself and when ever you look in the mirror embrase what you wrote to yourself (example: i am confident, i have pretty eyes, i have a good personality) something like that and another thing i do to cheer myself up is i listen to the song This One's For The Girls by Martina McBride. its a great song if you feel like you're feeling, it addresses all the things you are feeling and is a great uplifting song

: )

i hoped i helped and feel better, feel confident, the more confident in yourself you feel the more you'll just ignore what you feel and it will make you happy : )