Friends betrayed me, what now?

Well i called one of my best guy friends for advice because i didnt want to go to a concert with a guy who invited me and i asked him what i should do,i ended up telling Brandon (the guy who invited me) that i couldnt make it. The guy i called didnt help at all and a few days later i get a text from Brandon asking me what was wrong with me and that josh told him everything,

I explained everyhting to Brandon and he and i are really cool now but me and the other guy are not cool at all i see him at school and i dont talk to him.

Brandon said he told him that by tomorrow i wouldnt be mad anymore.

First.) Why would josh (the other guy who i confided in) tell Brandon if he and i were close and i never did anything to him

Second.) should i confront him or do i just ignore him until he texts, calls, or talks to me about it and apologizes?

I have no interest in being friends with josh anymore because that was really mean and uncalled for



first.. maybe he love you and wanted to separate both of you guys i mean you and Brandon

or he is not a good friend and he can't keep secrets..>> even if i think the first is the correct one

yah you should do that.. so you can know what does he mean by that.. cause i done a mistake in my life that i didn't confront with one of my friend and it end up with regrating that even thought now i think it's good to don't have her as a friend,,

and in the end it's up to you :)


well you can still confront him you can talk to him but alone so both of can talk freely and i think he still do love you :D go a head i wish you good luck my dear :D


Just don't talk to Josh. He's not a real friend for doing that.




I would confront Josh face-to-face


This is some serious drama!

Umm confront the dude cus i doubt he'll ever confront you and he told him because he's not a good confidable person?


What i would do is first josh probably wanted attencene and second confront him


Some guys are more loyal to their guy friends than girls. You didn't say if these 2 guys were friends before? Little do they know they end up playing both sides, like Josh did, intentionally or not. Josh needs to be told exactly what he did and why it made you angry. He needs to know that what he did hurt you. Ignoring him will not teach him that what he did was crappy.