I like two boys - Choose one..?

1: Ben

2: Jonathan

In order of when I started liking them...

4 years ago is 1 and 4 months ago is 2

I don't want to like Ben. I'm not sure if I like Jonathan.

Ben treats me crappily. We aren't even friends.

Jonathan makes me feel like I am the most special girl in the world. He always tells me how cool I am and he sticks up for me when people are beind dumb and he and I always get in trouble and laugh and have fun together. But...he's had like a hundred girlfriends and he only went out with them for 3 weeks each and then he breaks up with them terribly...over the phone and once he actually said "I bet you are crying your eyes out right now." He always carries my books and bag for me though, and he always has a smile on his face when he is around me.

Ben is more subtle...he finds little excuses to talk to me such as asking for gum (every frickin day in EVERY class) and a pencil ugh. And he always does this thing where he is staring at me from across the room and I look up and see it and he looks away after a second of holding my gaze... we have had 5/7 classes together for the past 3 years. I get sick a lot. When I come back after being gone for like a week or something he'll be like "Hey everyone look ____ is back!"

In 6th grade when I was gone for a week and a half, I came back and he tackled me then chased me around and out the gym. Lol I think he missed me. choose I guess?


Def jonathan he doesnt treat u like crap!

Anyone please answer mine;…


I already answered the first time you asked this question however you have provided more information. You may not want to hear this but I think Ben is the wiser choice. What would happen if you went for Jonathan and focused on your relationship with him? Would you lose Ben and what would that mean to you? Another question you want to ask is how certain would it be with Jonathan in terms of long term or would you be just the next flavour of the month.


Whoever you like.


jonathon for sure (:


Jonnathan should be a friend. Ben should be more.


Ask jonathan out you might ruin your friendship with ben if he likes you that way he'll let you know




Well, first off, you shouldn't let us choose the guy you want to like or to date. It's up to you, and follow your heart and what you think is best, whose the better guy and whose the right one for you. Just listen to your heart. :)