- What should I do in this situation?

Earlier today at school, the girl that I have a crush on wants me to come over to her house to study with her tomorrow (her parents & my parents) don't mind at all. Should I ask her out after we finish studying or not?

Second question- Is it okay for me to like/admire this 11 year old girl because of her nice big butt? I don't like this girl like that, but her butt is so nice imo. I smacked it before and she just smiles at me. I want to smack it again, but when would be the appropriate time? She has lived in my neighborhood for 3 years now.


That's the perfect oppurtunity to ask her out. But after you two complete your studying, you should tell her that you like her.

BQ: Yeah, but she is too young for you to like that part of her. If she is okay with it then you can continue on doing that.


yes! i think you should! lol second question- no clue cuz i'm a girl! lol good luck!


yes -- now's you chance... what's the worse that could happen?

NOOOOO! dude she is 11... and you are too? and DEFINATELY not when u r dating the first girl... that is how you get into trouble.


If you really like her then you should ask her out especially since she asked you to come over. Its kind of weird if you only like her for her butt...that's just kinda weird, especially since she's 11!