Anyone know why this girl is ignoring me?

just werid stuff that has been happening.

this girl is about as nice as can be. we have known each other for 14 years since preschool and we haven't been "close" but we have been good friends. I don't get to see her quite as much as i wish i do but we see each other once a week in church youth group.

freshman year we always talked and were with each other because we never saw each other but this year is different. due to hockey i havent done it during my sophomore and junior year but i figured i would do it this year.

See doesn't really acknowledge me and has walked by me several times without saying anything... it just is very unlike her...

she does have a boyfriend now (well actually idk... this kid's profile picture was him and her a few weeks ago but now it is just him) so idk about that...

anyone have any ideas?


Why don't you say hi to her the next time you see her? Girls don't always like to start conversations. The same thing happened to me and he just said hi to me a couple times and we were back to normal.


Come on! Are u serious! Go and talk to her like before dont wait for her talk to u! I think that s what she is waiting for, she's not ignoring u!


you should talk to her, dont always leave it up to her to start the conversation!


Instead of waiting for her to talk to you. Talk to her when she passes by and say hi. And if that doesn't work confront her and address your concerns