Am I just being stupid and insecure?(Help)?

Boyfriend set his Facebook status saying he missed the college life(he had to leave the college back in mid December because he couldn't afford another semester).One of his friends from college a female commented on his status and this is their conversation.

Status:Missing the college life:

HER.missing you!

HIM.i figured you would so you get that tatoo yet

HER. haha oh yeah...the ink is just from a pen so it doesnt really count lol

HIM. lol so how you been

HER.pretty good. this semester has been pretty tough so far and its only the 3rd week of classes. weather is cold-ish but im not complaining too much cuz its negative degrees back at home lol. im working at the SLC now so that takes up some time but i love the ppl i work with so its okay. hbu? what you been up to?

HIM. i've been good its been good seeing all my old friends but i miss baylor and i know it must be boring with out me there lol

HER. haha you have no idea!

HIM. lol i come visit so you can have some fun lol


HIM.ya you can match me cups lol at least you would know you would have a fun night lol

am I just over analyzing this should I just let it be? Any opinions?


A guy is aloud to have other girls that are friends. Remember that.


Honestly, you are over analyzing it, but I don't blame you for it.

I'd be kinda worried/curious as well..


i dont think there is anything wrong here so relax


you are overanalysing it..... its just FB status... let'em go


Overanalyzing. Sounds pretty innocent to me, just old friends shooting the sh*t.

Plus I dont think your boyfriend would be stupid enough to leave this up on his wall for the world to see if this was meant not to be seen.


It all depends what she looks like I doubt she's better lookin than you . She's either a butch or a party girl and your young and have plenty of time for serious relatiolships . Go and have fun create sum memories you can joke about when you get older. In the end you wanna regret the things you did or the things you never did . Go out with your friends and guys your age. Stay young as long as you can.


It definitely sounds like some flirting to me, but if he's your boyfriend and so public with it, probably nothing to serious has happened yet. I would say talk to him about it, but then he'll probably say you're over reacting and it will become like a fight or something. It doesn't seem like a good sign to me.