Embarrassing in class?

My nose was itchy and I rubbed it. Then a friend (not really a close friend) beside me said really loudly "you have a giant booger beside your nose" and I started to get really embarrassed. Like seriously... that ruins my image. But because I don't know much people in that class, wont that ruin making new friends with those people who heard it?...


They shouldn't, because they saw with their own eyes that it was just some idiot trying to make a fool out of you. If the people you want to make friends with are smart, they will know that people can be stupid sometimes, and this was one of those moments. Don't sweat it, people have bigger problems than to worry about an embarrassing moment with a booger XD So just let it pass. Trust me, someone else will have a more embarrassing moment soon enough. Good luck :)


theyll probably forget it in a few days


no its NATURALLL !


AHHHHHHAHAHAHAH! Hahahahahah! ...ha.


You shouldn't have anything to worry about. I wouldn't think much of it honestly. If anyone in your class would tease you about that then you should start looking elsewhere for friends.